With Ease

The online magazine, Horses for Life, is a wonderfully fulfilling magazine. The photography is eye candy for the senses, the vision is clear and full of integrity, and the educational material is deep, open, and inspiring.

I would like to share a profound quote from a recent article on Nuno Oliveira, Conversations with a Master IV, by Stephanie Grant Milham. Please see http://www.horsesforlife.com to read the article.

Stephanie writes, “If someone were to ask me, “what is the greatest piece of advice you ever received from Nuno Oliveira?” I would probably answer with the quote we mentioned near the end of our last installment: “The most complicated airs of dressage are not difficult if they are tried on a mobile, light horse.”

“It is achieving this lightness and mobility that is the never-ending quest. If we also adhere to his philosophical ideas of kindness, love and respect for our horses, then the methods used to achieve these goals are equally important.”


The Art of Living with Horses

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